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Sunday, October 21, 2007

5 ways to know if the guy likes you

Many girls around are looking for their loved birds or others call it the man of their dreams. However they also find it hard to easily notice the feeling of their suitors. This problem usually occurs when a girl is experiencing of having many suitors.
Here are five ways to know if the guy really loves you. In this way you will be able to identify whom to accept from the many suitors you have at this time.

1. If he always text or call you. When your suitor is always calling or texting you this no longer means you're the best of friends. This is already something that the guy is making a move to let you know he has a special feelings for you.
2. If he gives you gifts. if the guy gives you some presence such as flowers, chocolates, cards and all other things and items to you.
3. If the guy offers himself to visit your house during weekend. When this request comes this means the guy is already having a feeling of having you as his girlfriend as soon as possible. It seems they guy could no longer understands what he feels for you.
4. If the guy wants to be introduced to your parents and family members. This is already obvious that the guy want to befriend the members of the family including your parents so that he can have some support.
5. If the guy invites you to a date. When a man is already inviting you to go to places of unwinding such as concerts, discos, theater drama, and famous restaurants to eat this is already something you should notice. Simply because the guy is already showing of making you a special person in his heart.Add to Technorati Favorites

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