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Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to make your lover or wife extra special?

Texts: Joel Escol
Making your wife or your lover extra special in your heart is the best thing to do if you want to have lasting relationship or on adult mobile dating. Why are there many broken heartaches around? It’s because of a failed relationship that never realizes there are techniques and or what others call beacons of loving the man or woman of your dreams. Sometimes what we thought man of our dreams becomes a nightmare just because you don’t know how to fill up the real source of loving. Love never dies of a natural death. It dies because of blindness, of errors and betrayals, of weariness and bitterness. Can you afford your love for the girl to die this way? The best solution you maybe looking for is KISS or what others referred to as Keep It Short and Simple.

K – Kiss your girl every time you left your house for work. In this way she can realize how much you love her. Your kiss could tell her how much you love her. Even when you are already in the work place your girl could feel the sweetness of your love and she doesn’t have to fear you maybe flirting with somebody. There is the so-called trust that grows every time you kiss her. In fact, many people say kissing is the real ID of love. The sweetness of your kiss could tell how much you feel for somebody – whether the opposite sex, your friends, or to your kids.

I – Intimate dating is also one of the best that you can do to your girl. You can invite her for a dinner sometime or even once a week. Dating can be going to movies, parties, concerts or other activities which both of you can enjoy the time together. Dating is the so-called spices of living together. Can you feel the food you eat without putting some basic spices? It’s just like loving your girl. Let her feel she’s extra special. Dating cannot be always expensive if you only have limited funds, you can make a budget on this. The most important is the enjoyment when you take the time dining out together, sharing the laughter together and the happiness it all can bring.

S – Special gifts are very important for a girl. Can you remember the time when you send red roses to your girl? Although, let’s also accept the fact that some men are feeling awkward buying roses for their girls, but it’s still the best present you can give during special occasions such as her birthday, your wedding anniversary or any event which you can consider special to her.

S – Sweet surrender of yourself to your girl is one of the best decision you can make to make her feel comfortable. Although it’s really the hardest thing for most men given the situation that men are polygamous in nature. There are many temptations in the outside world and most men are prune to temptations. They sometimes went with closest friends and have drinking sessions with them, try to attend some disco parties or enter night clubs and massage clinics. This usually happens when the relationship is still new – usually one to five years old. Most especially if the man wasn’t able to experience such in his early manhood.


  1. I like the special gifts. Even when they are little, they are cute. A gift does not need to be expensive to be meaningful.

  2. Yes, Princessa I also believe special gifts mean a lot to the receiver, male or female. Thanks and have a nice day.

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