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Friday, August 22, 2008

What's hard for saying sorry to your girl?

Texts: Mr Nice Guy

How would you handle the so-called lover’s quarrel? Well, many lovers out there are saying it all depends on the kind of relationship you have with your girl friend. If you have good and outstanding relationships – fine. What if you have a bad relationship and you’re seems quitting from it.

Experts say one of the primary reasons for misunderstanding between lovers is pride – which not accepting from each others fault. Remember, you are not perfect. And because you are imperfect you cannot avoid committing mistakes every now and then.

Saying SORRY and accepting your fault to your girl and vice versa is the best solution. Bridging the gap is second and talking with the problem is third. You need to say sorry before your LQ is full blown. There are couples who cannot control their temper and ended hurting the girl or the other way around. This is not a good solution to the misunderstanding but will only add something bad when you go on exchanging bad word and passing mistakes. Well, there are many sad stories about love and relationship and each has its own reasons. It’s really a matter of handling the situations. If you cannot control your temper then might just walk from the quarrel until every angers subsided – and that’s the best time to talk of the problem.

Just this simple advice: Do not strike while the iron is hot or else you’ll end up crying and bidding goodbyes.


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  2. If you are in fight with your girlfriend and wanted to know how to say sorry to your girlfriend, the first thing to do is, be patient. I may sound like a fool, but before you start talking, you should definitely think. Without thinking, if you want to say sorry to your boyfriend immediately, you could end up with a mess. Carefully think how did it happen and why you did that?

    If you are clear with yourself, go directly to him to say sorry to your boyfriend in person. That's the best way. But before going try to know your boyfriend's best time to say sorry. He might be having some other work or his mind might be occupied with some other issues; that won't be a right time to say sorry to your boyfriend. So wait patiently for your right time. Before going, you first be honest to yourself. Make up your mind. Whatever you did was wrong and you have to say sorry to him from your heart. Words clearly express your mind, so if you are like 50/50 about whether or not to say sorry to your girlfriend, please don't go to her.

    And above all, if you think what you did is a big big mistake and he won't forgive you, don't go directly. Send him a letter or an email mentioning how sorry you are and why you did that and you will never ever repeat that mistake again in your lifetime. He may not be sending you a reply immediately, but at least his anger will be somewhat reduced and then you can go directly to him to say sorry to your boyfriend.

    The most important thing is, while you are waiting for him to reply, don't make continuous phone calls if you had done some serious mistake. That will irritate your boyfriend more. Instead, send him a note or a gift which he likes the most as a reminder. This will make him happy, and will tell him that you are truly sorry and it will remind him that you are waiting for his reply.

    Finally, guys will have a little bit logical thinking, so don't try to give him some nonsense reasons for your mistake. Be honest and give him the straight reason, and talk to him a lot. Discuss with him and then reassure him that the same mistake won't ever happen again and you are terribly sorry.

  3. Ya it's right. If you do mistake in relationships then you say sorry. Don't Embarrassment to say sorry for girl.


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