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Sunday, November 4, 2007

10 ways to express your love romantically to your girl

Many people don’t exactly know how to express their love romantically to the special person of their lives. How about you? Are you the one that I am talking now?
Well, expressing love to people near your heart is one of the best things you should do. By doing this I’m sure the girl would admire you because you’ve done the best for her. Love always finds many wonderful things in life and expressing them is one best achievement you can achieve.
Here are 10 ways you should express your love romantically to the most important person in your life.

1. Always say “Thank you” to her whenever she’s done something you have admired. Saying thank you is one of the simplest ways to appreciate a person’s little achievement in whatever she does. Yet, it is the most neglected habit of many men.
2. Give her flowers during special occasions. Women feel they’re very special every time you give them flowers on their birthdays, on your monthsarys, wedding anniversary, mom’s day, the time she accepts your proposal, and all other occasions she considered very special. Remember, women often remember special days of their lives.
3. Give her chocolates. If you have enough budget you should at least give a little budget for chocolates even once a week. Women always remember you as being always thoughtful and this also makes the affection between you more solid and compassionate.
4. Always give her a kiss. Whenever you go for work always give your wife a kiss. This makes her think she’s very special in your heart.
5. Bring something for the kids. If you’re already married and have kids always see to it that you can bring something for the kids whenever you go home from a company travel. Your wife and kids would always be grateful for the great things you’ve done which make them all happy. If you’ve tried this everytime you’re on travel they’re always excited when you go back home.
6. Always remember to schedule a dinner somewhere at a fine restaurant at least twice a month or each pay-day time. Doing this would make the girl happy, as well as the kids if you’re already married.
7. Make it a habit to have at least a yearly vacation for the whole family. If you’re living in the busy metropolis, it’s better if you could also schedule a yearly vacation to the province for a change in climate and weather.
8. Try to bring your girl to movies. Having a date is one of the memorable moments your girl want you to do at least once a month. It’s perfect dating if you’re just starting to go out on a date.
9. Always say “I love you” to your girl during fitting moments such as when your hugging, kissing and talking for your future. There’s no hard thing in saying the best you can say.
10. Be come a good provider. This is also very important especially if you’re already married. Many married couples have separated ways because the husband is not a good provider. There are many things you can do to become a good provider to your wife as well as to your children.

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