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Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Girls Really Want In Men?

Texts: Joel Escol

Are you having problems how to keep the girl in your heart? Well, you should know these adult and dating tips that I am going to uncover here because if you do, you can surely win a girl’s heart and love her for the rest of your life. Remember that keeping a lasting relationship should start with the two of you understanding an loving each other. 
So what girls really want in men?
1.        Girls want men to be thoughtful – Being thoughtful is one of the best characters that a man should have in  in order to win a girl’s love and care. Being thoughtful means giving a girl something when you make a visit to her place like flowers, chocolates, and anything that a girl wants. When you travel to a faraway place be sure to bring your girl a presence or else she would feel upset.  
2.     Girls want men to smell fresh – Hygiene is very important for girls. You should know “girly things” because this is also what they want from their men, to look fresh, smell good and often takes a bath. Well, it’s not a new thing because we all know that taking a bath daily is just normal for every person. But remember that your girl wants more than that. This means you should be taking a bath twice or thrice especially if your work is more than 20 hours and its field work.
3.      Girls want their men to be healthy. Girls are also very sensitive of their men’s health, so that you should also watch out your body physique. You need to maintain a good body posture, not to become fat or obese, or not to get illness often. Remember that it’s always a girl thing to take care of their man’s health.
4.      Girls want their men to be good providers – If you are married already it is also a normal attitude for girls to ask for money from their husbands or to keep the husband’s salary for the family’s daily needs, savings and more. Many married couples came to separation and annulment because of money problems. This only goes to show that married life can survive not only with love but it must be coupled with the husband or the wife having a regular income or salary, or else your relationship can suffer. 
5.      Girls want their men to be caring too. Not only men want to be cared for but girls also want their men to take care of them in many ways. Make sure that you can bring them to malls, parties and other food-trip areas, concerts or other forms of relaxation. It’s also boring to just stay at home for the rest of the week. Sometimes you need to unwind and bring the whole family to exciting and fun adventure.


  1. If you are in a relationship this tips are use full and you must apply in your relation..But for me the key to keep the heart of a girl is be honest and patience all the time and do your best.

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  2. Hi AdultDatingTalk,

    You have your own opinion and I respect your idea. Actually, there are many ways to keep a woman's heart. I just pointed out some.


  3. Means Girls want all qualities in their man.

  4. Yes, you're right. As a man, you should be able to know what your girls likes and dislikes. This way, troubles can be avoided to let relationship to grow.

  5. Girls want security, what it means money, money, and money, then the rest.

  6. Blind Loyalty – she wants to be the only woman he has eyes for.

  7. Girls want all qualities in men But men also want all qualities in Girl.It's right


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