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Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Know The Husband Is Fooling Around?

Texts: Joel Escol

There are many ways to know when the man of your dreams betrayed the trust you both been working for years. You should be able to know these signs so that you can start tracking your mate whether he is still loyal to you or he had been fooling around without you knowing it. This happens many times to lovers and married couple because of certain factors we cannot simply understand.

These are four common signs when your man is fooling around.
• The man who usually goes home late in the evening is doing something unusual. That’s if he’s only working eight hours a day. The usual alibi of your husband is overtime from work. Can you believe it? Well, there maybe times he is telling the truth but you should also monitor him when he oftentimes said he has had some overtime. How to do this? You can call his officemates and ask them about his overtime alibis. However, you should also be doing this some sort of investigating on a more polite way without harassing his co-workers.
• When every time he went home late you can smell something unusual like the perfume of a woman. If this happens there is great possibility he unwinds with friends to night clubs or the worst scenario he has a mistress. If you feel your husband is fooling you and he has other woman do not confront him in a manner that the confrontation could lead to quarrel in the family. You should still remain calm because you are not sure yet that your husband is really “playing with fire.” Instead, try to conduct investigation in a secret way. There are also investigation agencies that can do the job for you for a fee. Of course if you are to hire their services you are to pay for it.
• If your husband is very conscious of his cellular phone and he keeps placing it into his pants and other safer places when his home. This already happens too many times. In fact, cellular phones are now the easiest way to communicate between people having secret love affairs. Many times the cellular phones lead to separation of many married couples. It’s so sad to note, however, that while we are advocating for successful married life, these things also happened.
• When the supposed monthly earnings from the company your husband is working is no longer remitted properly.
The same is true with many women who are betraying their husbands. These are also some signs you can also try to discover for you to detect or monitor her activities. When you finally discover your special someone has been fooling for other women try to immediately find remedy for this problem while it’s not too late for the marriage or relationship to suffer.


  1. Well, it's previous...if your husband is doing something wrong..try asking yourself first (wife)..Why is he doing this..something like that...Because there's always a reason why men keep fooling around..

  2. I'm sorry, I mean it's obvious..

  3. Thanks Dondon for your comments. I agree with you. Husbands commit mistakes sometimes because of the bad attitudes of the wives. On the other side there are also men that really plays fire because men are easily tempted.

  4. LOL..that's right..Men who plays with fire is just merely lust, no love at all...

    mr. nice guy, is it based from experience?

  5. Dondon I am not being hyprocrite if I tell you I am perfect. I am a man bound to commit mistakes. Truly, I was almost tempted once but immediately corrected my mistake for the sake of the family. Though I have reaons too. I know you are almost tempted too .Lol. unless you are not a man. hehe

  6. One of the most common sign is if he is frequently picking fights with you. A cheater may do this because of mixed emotions he is feeling about betraying you.

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