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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plan Your Amazing Escapade to Blue Lagoon Tonga

Have you ever tried a weekend escapade to an island which can be considered among the many wonders of the world? Well, you can try your weekend adventure to the beautiful and amazing Blue Lagoon in Tonga.

Tonga is actually the only country in the southern hemisphere where you will experience what you can consider an extreme adventure in your lifetime – swimming with the Humpback whales, considered as the gentle giants of the Pacific Ocean. Vavau is actually the only place in the country which is also considered as the main breeding grounds for the giant whales in Tonga. Swimming with these gentle giants is now among the attractions in the Blue Lagoon Tonga. In fact, because of the presence of the Humpback whales, Vavau has become the favorite destination of choice for most of the travelers to Tonga. Tourism industry in the country has developed because of the amazing whale attractions in the Blue Lagoon, especially between July and November, where these giant creatures in the sea are usually frequenting their visits to the lagoon.   

Blue Lagoon Tonga promises to be among your most exciting adventures of a lifetime, most especially if you’re a nature lover, as well as for all travelers who love exciting adventures. Blue Lagoon Tonga is a paradise uncharted by many nature lovers of the world. It should be your next weekend adventure and you will never regret the day you step in to this wonderful island paradise in the pacific. When you will be there maybe for your weekend escapade, you can stay at the villa for only $TOP335.00 per night (Bungalow)

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