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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why first love usually fails?

Texts: Mr Nice Guy
Haven’t you realize why first usually fails. There are millions of stories about first love relationship that never succeeded. However, many of the people who experienced a failed first love affair said they cannot forget the memorable experience. In fact, it always lingers in their minds especially when their friends talk about first loves. What do you think could be the reasons why first loves fail and only left good memories to both man and woman who fell in love for the first time.

Too young to really fall in love – Many people say this is one of the main reasons considering that most individuals who fell in love are teenagers. This is also the reason why these people cannot actually control their feelings and emotions. Their feelings are not matured enough to really take care of the relationships. Since they are only usually in high schools when they fall in love they cannot weight things accurately. Like for the instance, the tendencies of separating from each other because they have to continue their studies in faraway places. Many of the break ups in first loves is because they were separated by times. The man or the woman is sent to other countries or places to continue their college education. As a result, their so-called first loves in high school is threatened by the distance relationships.

Strong intervention of parents – There are also people that said their first loves broke up in high school because parents are not acceptable of the relationship to grow since they are too young to really commit to each other. Parents are afraid their daughters may get pregnant and cannot continue their studies. On the other said, the parents of the boys are also afraid their sons cannot continue their studies when they were tempted to pre-marital sex. Temptations in high schools between the opposite sex is very strong according to experts because this is the time when their sex life is very active and strong and they usually wanted to experience this kind of sexual intercourse pleasure. Parents are also very protective of their children during their teenager lives so that they can graduate to college, become professionals and productive citizens of the country. This means the parents want their children to focus first on their studies in order to have a brighter future.

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  1. The reasons what you have given for the failing of first love is acceptable.
    What parents thought when they know about your first love is nicely given by you.

    Love go through your blog.
    Zoana Fisher


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