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Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 Secrets Your Husband Never Told You

Texts: Joel Escol
How far do you know your husband? Do you know him from the start since you were still dating if he had some secrets before you get married or until now he’s still keeping it? There are reports of some secrets most husbands never told their wives.

1. Your husband never told you he has a kid before you meet with each other. This sounds disgusting in your part since it might be that you discover the secrets later and this may cause you and your husband trouble.
2. Your husband never told you he had encountered sex with different women whom he had relationships with before you meet and decided to tie a knot. Of course this may also be a bad situation in your part and also may cause trouble in the family.
3. Your husband never told you he had sex with some of the bar women or what other tagged as guest relation officers (GROs). Many married couple also had this problem because the wife has acquired sexually-transmitted disease when she married the man of her dreams. This problem later may also reach into alarming level as the man of her dreams becomes her worst nightmare.
4. You husband never told you he still go to night clubs even when you already get married and had children. What is most embarrassing is that you discover this fooling around of your beloved hubby from your closest friends and office mates – and worst from your parents.
5. Your husband never told you he has a mistress and this is the worst challenge in your married life. If this happens to you that the man of your dreams has betrayed you and the marriage, this is really serious problem cropping up - and you should prepare yourself from any consequence or find good solution to remedy the problem before it gets worst and which may end to separation later.

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