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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dating Secrets Revealed

By: London Phelps

Dating… Never thought I’d be there again! Divorce took it’s toll and I had just about given up…just about, until I discovered the secret that changed my life forever.

As I said, I was just about to give up until one day, when I was up in the attic, or more accurately, the ex’s attic, I came across some old boxes full of stuff from my younger years. Old magazines, yearbooks, various keepsakes and such. Then low and behold, I stumble across an old journal of mine that I started when I was 21 years old.

Looking back now, I wonder how I ever met any women at all. I mean I was really quite pathetic. It dawned on me at that moment that no where in my journal was I documenting how ugly I was, how skinny I was, or how broke I was, but boy was I sure coming off as a pathetic loser. A loser no woman in their right mind would ever give a moments notice to.

I got to thinking, was it my appearance or my attitude and personality that made me such a turn off. A bit of both, I’m sure. However, I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone in all this. I had had many friends with the same afflictions but one guy in particular seemed to have no trouble at all getting the ladies.

So, I looked him up and gave him a call. It took some doing but I finally tracked him down in Ft. Collins, Colorado. We caught up on old times and I asked him how he was doing now, was he married, children, things like that.

He said he had no children that he was aware of and why on earth would he tie himself to the archaic ritual of marriage. I replied that I just thought that to be the natural course of things. I asked him then if he had ever considered the idea of marriage.

He stated quite emphatically that yes, he had indeed thought quite hard about it and committed a great deal of his life as a proponent against it. Seems he had become a divorce attorney and witness to the destruction caused by many a failed marriage, especially to men.

Women suffer emotionally after a divorce, but the laws protect them financially unlike the men in the equation, and I do not believe that to be fair… his argument, not mine.

He told me that he had actually written a book about dating and how to get the benefits of marriage without suffering the consequences of divorce, a very snappy title indeed!

I confessed to him that I had played the field for almost twenty years before settling down but never put two and two together about how my childhood had severely limited my abilities to manipulate women to my way of thinking. I mean I was good at it, in fact I survived financially on the very concept, but unlike him, I always thought I would eventually settle down. It turns out my insecurities about forever being alone as a teenager kept my subconscious mind starving for some documented form of life long commitment.

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