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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why Relationship Fails?

There are many reasons why relationship fails. Lovers and couples whose relationship didn’t last for more years it’s because they haven’t made their love to grow even stronger. They fail to exert extra efforts keeping their relationship withstand amidst trials they meet along the way. Trials in love and relationship is what challenge lovers and married couples to hold on together.
Here are basic reasons why relationship die in so short a time and did not withstand the trials of time because two lovers have failed to work it out together.

1. Ego and pride – When two people in a relationship cannot control each others ego and pride their relationship could possibly fail. This is one thing that married couple and lovers should try to resolve immediately if they want their relationship to go the extra mile. While it is true that it’s really hard to change our attitude but we certainly can control it. That is why it is also very important to note that while you are into an intimate relationship and romance try to discover the attitude of your partner towards her friends, family and all the people around her. In this way, you would know the real attitude she’s been keeping, while you're still dating.

2. Mismatch relationship – This is just the same as the story of the dog and the cat that always fight when they saw each other. Usually, people who found mismatch relationship are those who decide to marry in only a short love relationship, even without first knowing each other’s attitude. Compatibility in relationship is very important. You must be compatible in almost anything in life, in your interest, desires and wants. If you are the eldest in the family and you marry your girl who is also the youngest in the family this is really a mismatch. Those eldest in the family has the kind of attitude of being in command, the attitude of thinking he/she commands everything done in the house, while those youngest in the family has also the attitude of what she wants she gets being the youngest and the apple of the eye. However, this can be resolve if you know how to control and adjust each other.

3. Financial matters. Married couple also separated ways because of financial dilemma. The husband maybe is not a good provider or the wife is extravagant. This situation could always result to quarrel. Husbands should try very hard to become a good provider before it would be late for the relationship to last a lifetime.

4. No religious background. If one of the couple does not have an attitude of being religious, who can always tell the partner to go to church this could also result to ‘worst relationship.’ Lovers and couple should be God-fearing so that they can learn to value each other. When God is in their hearts they can always control their egos and pride.

5. Not giving time for each other. Lovers and married couple should give each other valuable time to make it even more exciting everyday of their lives. However, this is not usually happening as we can see in the communities. You can have good times together when you go t movies, eat out in a dinner, have a vacation somewhere, watch concerts, theater drama and all other events which can give both of you valuable time together.

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